Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!

I voted last week! Obama baby!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am amazed at how some people are just so blind to the facts. They refuse to do the research that would show them the truth. They just vomit the party talking points without knowing what they are saying is mostly shit.

If you do not know what you are talking about then shut the fuck up. Do the research, then open your mouth, then and only then will I listen and respect your political opinion!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adding Sound To Blogs: Not So Cool

I spend a good deal of time browsing other blogs every day. I also use Entrecard to generate traffic to a couple of my other blogs. Using EC takes some time. The one thing that really pisses me off is when I have to wait for a blog to load because someone has installed sound (music) on it.

Trust me, it takes so much longer for a page to load when it has to load sound. Depending on my mood, if a blog takes longer than normal to load, I'll just close it. I'm not spending my precious time on blogs that take forever to load. There are other EC blogs out there that I could be dropping on, rather than waiting for one blog with sound to load. It's not worth my time.

While you might like the music or sound that you've placed on your blog, others aren't so keen on it. You're probably driving your visitors away because of it. Either they don't want to wait for the page to load, or it scares the crap out of someone who has their speakers turned up.

Do away with the music. It's not cool. I won't be visiting again, you can count on that.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Of The Stupidest Things I've Ever Heard

While at a football meeting last night for my high school son, the coach was informing us of the school's code of conduct for their athletes. You know the drill. What is expected of the kids, and the consequences for their actions of they screw up. Consequences such as, getting kicked off the team if they are caught drinking or using drugs at any time.

While talking about drinking and drugs, he told us a story of one parent who said, "My boy doesn't use drugs. I'm glad all he does is drinks."

I'd like to know who the awesome parent was who said this. I'd give them the Stupid Parent of the Year award and then smack them upside their stupid head. Not only is this statement completely and utterly wrong, it really shows a lack of caring on the parents' part.

I can't believe that a parent, a good parent, would say that doing drugs is wrong, but condone drinking by a teenager. Now, I'm not naive, I know kids are going to do what they want to do, and most times a parent isn't going to stop them. They do drugs. They have sex, and they do drink. I was a teenager once. I know it was a long time ago, but I do remember. A parent may not be able to stop undesirable behavior in a teen, but they don't have to condone it either.

By saying something like this, you're essentially giving your child the go-ahead to drink. In a teenager's mind, as long as they don't do drugs, drinking is OK because Mom said so. It's outrageous that a parent would actually say this.

And the thing that gets me most about this statement is, most times, your teen isn't just drinking. They are drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a car. If they aren't driving, they are riding in cars with other teens that have been drinking. So, it's not just about the drinking. It's about the things they are doing under the influence that's the scary part. Inexperienced drivers are given the go-ahead to get behind the wheel after having a few.

Now, I'm sure most parents would say, "My teen knows to call home if he/she needs a ride. He/She knows not to drive drunk." But you know what? They don't. They don't want you to know that they've been drinking. They do not call home to get a ride from Mommy or Daddy. Are you kidding me?

So now you see why this is the stupidest statement I think I've ever heard out of a parent's mouth?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Warning! Texting While Walking May Cause Death

I was reading on one of our local news websites yesterday that ER doctors are actually warning people that texting while doing other activities may be hazardous to your health. They actually see people come into the emergency room with injuries sustained from trying to do two things at once.

One doctor said, "While you may think you're multi-tasking, you really are not. You're just putting yourself and others in danger." People have walked into poles, stepped off of sidewalks into oncoming traffic, and even knocked other innocent people down in their rush to get that text message sent off.

Now come on! Do we really need to be told that texting (or talking on a cell phone) while doing other activities that require our complete attention is dangerous? Have we really turned into a bunch of mindless, texting, cell phone talking bunch of idiots? Seriously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you're trying to send a text message while driving a car, you're more than likely going to have an accident sooner or later. It's common sense.

Apparently, with all this technology, common sense has been tossed out the window to make room for all that texting lingo.

In the good old days, before cell phones, all you had to worry about on the road was the occasional woman who drove and put her makeup on in the rearview mirror at the same time. Now, everyone has cell phones, and nobody's paying attention to where the hell they are going. And now, according to the doctors, it's not just the drivers you have to worry about. Mad texters are picking people off on the sidewalks, for godsake! You're taking your life in your own hands whenever you step out of the house.

As ridiculous as this all sounds, it's true. Get a life. Grow a brain, and stop texting or talking on the cell phone while doing something else that may endanger your life or someone else's. Slow down. Enjoy life. That message or phone call can wait.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boobs Boobs Boobs

I am so sick of seeing big boobed women on tv and print ads...no, wait, let me clarify, big fake boobed women! From Pamela Anderson to Carmen Electra and let's not forget the porn stars who go in for the big fake boobs (too numerous to mention any names).

As a former big boobed woman (naturally big boobed, no implants for me) it just amazes me that these women are willing to carry around that much extra weight. Yes boobs are heavy and they can cause back pain and make you hunch your shoulders. Big boobs are not fun.

Men profess to love big boobs but really now...just how much can you hold in your hand? As the old adage goes "more than a handful is a waste".

So for all those thinking about getting big boobs...embrace your small size boobs, your back and shoulders will thank you for it...not to mention your self esteem. Gone will be the looks from men who see you only from the neck down. They just might look up and see an actual living, breathing woman who is confident with her looks and not ashamed to flaunt what she does have!